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Dec 2017

Painted Swarovski Super Star & Snowflake Treasure Bangle

Painted Metallic USA Flag Star Treasure Bangle with Earrings

Fiona’s Painted Metallic USA Flag Star Treasure Bangle with Earrings

Super delicate painted star charms on adjustable stainless-steel bangle with earrings now ranked - “The most-antipicated” patriotic jewelry in 2018. Designed & packed by Fiona in the USA. Charms painted by Fiona’s team overseas. Bracelet retail: $24.99. Earrings retail: $19.99.

Sep/Oct 2017

Immediate Delivery - Luxury Painted Christmas Bracelets & Earrings with Premium Display

Christmas Display with 24pcs bracelets + 24pcs earrings only $174.00

2017 Brand-new-designed & Best-of-the-show painted Christmas jewelry packed as 24pcs bracelets + 24pcs earrings + FREE premium display ONLY $174.00.

Collection includes 13 delicate Christmas paintings on glass beads all designed by Fiona in USA and painted by Fiona’s team overseas. Limited availability. Order now by credit card will ship within 3 business days.

July 2017

Fiona Luxury Painted Christmas Jewelry in July GDA Magazine

New Christmas Bracelets with Tree Display

Fiona’s Fine Painted Christmas Bracelets on Hand Crafted Tree Display

Unique hand crafted stand-along Christmas Tree display holds 36pcs exquisite fine painted Christmas glass beaded stretch bracelets including Snowman, Santa, Gingerbread Man and Ornaments. All exclusive designed & packed by Fiona in USA, painted by Fiona’s team overseas. Free Display ($30.00 value) included!

June 2017

Fiona Fall & Halloween jewelry at June 2017 GDA magazine

Fiona’s 2017 Luxury Painted Patriotic Bracelets & Earrings – Limited edition

Brand New Sparkling Transparent USA & Stars Paint is indeed connected from “Thousands of Paint Dots”. Remarkable artwork on premium glass beads without stencils requires skills, patience, passion and love. Limited edition includes 4 styles of bracelets & earrings all exclusive designed & packed by Fiona in USA, painted by Fiona’s Team overseas.

February 2017


Fiona® presents 2017 new collection includes 17 styles of sparkling painted Christmas patterns and Santa, Snowflake with matching earrings.

Unique dimensional and touchable paintings are voted best hand-made Christmas jewelry. Designed by Fiona Lin in USA with imported beads painted by Fiona's Team.

January 2017 

Fiona's 2017 New Christmas Bracelets

Fiona's 2017 New Anchor Bracelet

Fiona’s 2017 Painted Summer Anchor Bracelet

Unique & stylish anchors are all painted on 14mm glass beads without stencil.  New Summer Collections include 6 nautical themes. Each bracelet is strung with triple elastic cords using premium crystals and glass beads. Exclusive designed & packed by Fiona in USA.


December 2016 

Fiona's 2017 New Valentine Jewelry

Fiona’s Strawberry Earrings and Glass Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Enlighten your day by wearing this super cute & vivid strawberry with premium glass/crystal beaded bracelet and matching earrings. Collection includes other fruits, ice cream and sweet treats. One size fit most girls, ladies and women.Exclusive designed by Fiona in USA.

Sep/Oct 2016 

Immediate Delivery

Fiona Christmas Jewelry Set - Best of The Show Now Immediate Delivery

July 2016

Gift & Decorative Accessories Magazine July,2016 issue Half Page AD


Fiona’s Painted Red and Blue Snowman Earrings with Beaded Scarves

Beautiful painting on premium pearl glass beads with super cute glass beaded scarves and non-allergic earring hooks made both red and blue snowman earrings on top of your Christmas gift list. Exclusive designed by Fiona and crafted in USA. Painted beads are imported.

June 2016

Gift & Decorative Magazine June, 2016 Half Page AD

BR-2734 Luxury Painted Cardinal BraceletE-283 Luxury Painted Cardinal Earrings

Fiona’s Fine Painted Cardinal Stretch Bracelet And Earrings

Luxury style painted Cardinal Jewelry made with environmental friendly materials like premium glass beads stranded with triple elastic cords used on garment provide durable and comfortable wearing experience. Beautiful matching earrings come with non-allergic earring hooks.  Exclusive designed & packed by Fiona in USA.


February 2016

Fine Painted Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Bracelets + Itty-Bitty Earrings in Feb.2016 GDA Magazine

January 2016

Fine Painted Christmas Necklace + Swwarovski Crystals in Jan.2016 GDA Magazine

December 2015

Patriotic Painted Jewelry in Dec.2015 GDA Magazine

July 2015

My Christmas Treasure Bangles in Jul.2015 GDA Magazine

June 2015

Link of Faith - Cross Charm Toggle Bracelets in Jun.2015 GDA Magazine

Feburary 2015

My Silver Christmas Dream Bracelets in Feb.2015 GDA Magazine

January 2015

My Silver Christmas Dream Bracelets in Jan.2015 GDA Magazine

December 2014

Gift & Decoractive Accessories December 2014 AD: My Spring, My Style.

July 2014

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